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BDO Cash Management Service Desk

Telephone no. 8407500
Toll Free Domestic
Email address tbgcmsd@bdo.com.ph

Integrated Disbursement Solutions

BDO's Integrated Disbursement Solutions (IDS) allows you to make disbursements using the latest internet banking technology. You have online access with the bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Payments can be created and approved easily from multiple locations. IDS optimizes the use of internet technology for better accessibility and convenience. There are three payment options available:

1. Automated Check Printing Facility

You can use this facility to pay your suppliers via BDO Manager's Checks. The bank can handle bulk check printing of your disbursements. You have the additional option of having the bank release these checks directly to your suppliers in designated branch releasing centers.

2. Direct Credit to Account

You can use this facility to pay your suppliers via direct credit to their BDO account. Instead of having checks printed to settle your disbursements, BDO will credit the enrolled account of your supplier based on payment instructions you send via IDS.

3. Payroll Credits

You can use this facility to pay your employees. The bank will credit your employees' regular payroll accounts or Cash card accounts based on the payroll file you send via IDS.

As an integrated payment system, IDS allows you to send payment instructions to BDO for payables that are due at a later date. BDO can warehouse your authorized payment files until its maturity date. These payables will be processed and made available on the value date indicated in your payment file.


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